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Since 2000, Hard Surface Solutions has been serving the greater Chicago area, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, southern Illinois and beyond. We have more than 80 employees performing 6 service lines to meet your hardscape needs. With over 400 years collective experience and operations running out of 4 locations, Hard Surface Solutions is sure to have the expertise, proximity and manpower to meet the demands of your project.  

Hard Surface Solutions performs services for nearly every real estate company in the area with a philosophy built around quality workmanship, continuous communication and developing relationships. We are heavily involved in industry organizations, sponsorships and fundraisers to benefit the community. Our methods focus on green practices and we strive to provide minimal inconvenience to our clients, their owners and tenants. As you search our website, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. We welcome the opportunity to assist and extend our services to help complete your project on time and under budget.